About The Co-Hosts

Ira Victor

Ira Victor is an information security specialist, a sought-after expert on privacy and security, and Director of the Compliance Practice with Data Clone Labs, a Nevada-based information security and compliance firm. Ira co-developed a patented email security system used internationally, and is President of the Sierra-Nevada Chapter of InfraGard, an FBI program that helps protect critical infrastructure and fight cybercrime. Ira received formal information security training and certifications from The SANS Institute, the nation’s leading information security research and educational institute. Ira is a founding member of a Lions Club Chapter that takes retired business PCs, wipes the data, installs Linux on them, and then gives the PCs to needy children. The club also teaches the children the basics of information security.

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Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone is a veteran broadcaster and an award-winning reporter specializing in politics and legislation. She was among the first to use the web for political analysis, producing a site for California voters that won raves from users in the Golden State and from absentee Californians around the world. Recently, she covered Nevada’s early presidential caucus for PBS in Las Vegas and newstalk station KOH in Reno.

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